DRAFT consumer confidence (water quality) reports*


Please read the frequently asked questions . If using the draft report you must do the following:

  1. Review the data for accuracy and completeness. If errors are discovered, please contact us.
  2. If your system used purchased water, ensure all applicable water quality data from the wholesale system(s) are included with the report.
  3. Update or complete the blank sections and/or tables of the report (see below for specific questions) that apply to your system including:
    1. The source water assessment summary.
    2. Highest compliance value (locational running annual average) for TTHM and HAA5.
    3. Detected results for UCMR3, cryptosporidium, and radon.
  4. Add information about any violations and if using the report to meet public notice requirements ensure the 10 required elements are met.
  5. Add information about any uncorrected significant deficiencies and the plan or schedule for correction, and any interim measures taken.
The reports provided are DRAFTS. If used, it is the PWS's responsibility to make any necessary changes to finalize.
*Only Community Public Water Systems (PWS) are required to distribute a report.

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